Give your members the value

of growing their businesses with Lead Groups

Referral Group Directory

Lead Group directories provide members a quick and easy way to find lead group members and send them referrals.

Referral Tracking

Members can send, receive, track and keep each other up to date on referrals between other members of their Lead Groups.

Referral Notifications

Members are always in the know with every referral. Email notifications of a sent referral, referral updates, notes and more keep everyone up to date.

Referral Leaders

Create fun competition with a referral leader board that shows each group's top referrers and how it performing the best.

Referral Reporting

Run reports in minutes by choosing your date range and filtering what you would like to report on; Referrals, Meetings, etc.

Group Events

Lead Groups can schedule events on the lead group calendar and invite other group members.