Everything your Chamber needs for effective member referral groups

Experts at Referral Groups

We are experts at helping Chambers implement and manage referral groups.  We provide chambers coaching, customized guidelines, referral software and all the help they need to manage successful referral groups.

Customized Guidelines & Policies

ChamberRefer provides Chambers with optional referral group guidelines and policies that they are able to edit and make their own.  Of course Chambers can always use their own. 

Chamber Revenue Stream

Chambers have multiple ways to generate revenue from referral groups.  Charging annual referral group dues and adding sponsored banner ads on the referral groups website.

Increased Chamber Value

Chambers are in the business of helping local businesses grow.  There is no better service to increase business then providing referral groups through the Chamber.  Referral groups also increase member retention.

Referral Tracking Software

ChamberRefer is a easy to use and powerful referral tracking tool for referral groups.  Group members can send, receive and track all their referrals between one another.  

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

ChamberRefer is fully responsive and will work beautifully on all desktops, tablets and mobile devices.  Members will also be able to add the mobile web app to their phone.

Referral Group Website

The referral group websites provide Chambers with a directory of their referral groups.  They include the group names, meeting time & place, group chair and member details.

Chamber Dashboard

ChamberRefer provides local Chambers with a dashboard that not only manages their referral groups but also track all the activity happening within them.

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